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* Do you know what DNS filtering is?

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DNS filtering, also known as DNS blocking, is a security method that prevents users from accessing potentially harmful or unwanted domains or IP addresses. This is done by comparing the user's DNS query with a list of domains or IP addresses that are considered undesirable and denying access if there is a match.

The process is straightforward: DNS queries are directed to a Recursive DNS server, which can be configured to function as a filter by rejecting queries for specific domains listed in a blocklist. DNS filtering services may also use an allowlist instead of a blocklist.

Some of the benefits of DNS filtering are the following:

  • Stops users from visiting harmful websites.
  • It prevents visitors from going to phishing websites.
  • Stops the download of potentially illegal files.
  • Make browsing safe and secure for network users, Wi-Fi users, and visitors.
  • Restricts malware downloads for users

By employing DNS filtering, users can minimize the risk of cyber threats and maintain a safer online experience.

If you are interested in learning more about this topic, we suggest you look at a detailed article about DNS filtering!